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You may have heard the rumors, and they are true! The Platte Center Auditorium has received a minor facelift for Platte Center residents to utilize! We have converted the venue space, to a recreation center!

We are pleased to announce the Platte Center Auditorium/Recreation Center is ready for the 2022 year!

Andrew has been hard at work getting exercise equipment up and ready! We have half court basketball, 2 treadmills, an elliptical, 2 bikes, weights, and more ready to be used!

Upon membership each family will receive a special code to the doors, therefore you can work out at any time, at your convenience!

Membership also includes the family to use the Auditorium space for 1 small party per year.

Membership Fees: (PER FAMILY)

$125 per year-residents within city limits

$240- outside city limits

$360- outside township limits

$500- Any other member

55 years + $60


THE OPEN HOUSE will be Wednesday November 10th from 5:30pm-7:30pm. This is the time to get your membership! Check & Cash will be accepted!


(Please note: Due to the pending arrival of a new little Villager the Village Office will be closed for 6 weeks and you will not be able to get your membership before January 1st if you wait)

(The Village Office has also moved from upstairs, to the Kitchen Space. This will also be available for viewing)


Our Open House is the best way to get your membership secured!

We are so excited to see you there!